Admission Procedures

All parents/guardians interested in enrollment for their children follow the Admission Procedure:

  1. Parents/guardians schedule an official tour through the front office; it is recommended that student attend the tour. At close of the tour as Enrollment/Application Form and handbook shall be given.
  2. Applicants will schedule an interview with a School Admissions Director.
  3. The school Enrollment/Application Form shall be completed and submitted at the time of interview with the admissions director
  4. Upon acceptance, a completed school admission packet with official prior school records and original State Department of Health forms are required. Payment in full of the registration fee guarantees a student’s place. Each student’s enrollment is subject to a thirty day period during which the student’s behavioural and academic level will be re-evaluated for the purpose of determining continuance or dismissal.


Student Application 2018-2019

Student Handbook 2017-2018

Fees and Tuition

Non refundable Enrolment/ Application Fee $120
Standardized Test Fee $30
Non refundable Curriculum Fee $350
Standard Tuition $6500.00
Tuition for Student’s with Matrix 251* $7000.00
Tuition for Student’s with Matrix 252* $9000.00
Tuition for Student’s with Matrix 253* $15,000.00

*Matrix 251, 252, 253 pertain to McKay Scholarship Students.

Payments can be made via check payable to Faith Community Christian Academy. Returned checks are subject to a $35 service fee.

Student Handbook

The handbook is available for download fromt he link below.

Student Handbook 2017-2018



Faith Community Christian Academy participates in the following state scholarship programs. Parents/guardians are responsible for determining their students’ eligibility and applying for scholarships. All prospective new students must follow Faith Community Christian Academy Admission Procedure. Qualifying for a scholarship does not guarantee admission.

Faith Community Christian Academy can assist parents/guardians in the application and the submission process for these Scholarships.

FCCA currently accepts the McKay Scholarship and the Step Up Scholarship. You can find the information on qualifications and requirements on the link below.

Available Scholarships