FCCA offers the finest in academic curriculum. Our program is based on a thorough mastery of the fundamental elements of study. We believe that a child’s education must be measured largely by his ability to reason intelligently, read comprehensively, compute accurately, write legibly, and spell correctly.  Our academic package may be considered as “Back to the Basics,” in that we stress the major subjects of Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and Spelling. Additionally, a Bible course is part of our core curriculum.  Many electives are available, but are only prescribed in proportion to what each individual child is able to master above these major subjects. Our school uses an individualized curriculum and procedures. Each student is taught in a completely individualized manner. All curriculum, including PACES, is the sole property of  FCCS. Computer and video curriculum are to be used under staff supervision only. Students abusing or damaging computer or video software or equipment will be required to pay full retail cost and/or labor and shipping at the Administration’s discretion. Unauthorized use of PACES, Score Keys, Test Keys, etc. by student or parent may result in immediate dismissal from school.


PACES are not to be shared among students. After a PACE is completed, the student will wait until the next morning before receiving the Test and will wait an additional night before receiving results and a new PACE. Work in PACES is done in pencil. Work in English and Spelling must be done in cursive writing beginning with PACE 1025 and in Social Studies and Science beginning with PACE 1031. Work must be shown in Math and Science PACES. Calculators are permitted as follows: 6th – 8th grades, non-scientific calculator after successfully passing the Calculator Proficiency Test and 9th – 12th grades, scientific calculator.


Resource books are also the property of the Faith Community Christian Academy.  Students may be assigned resource books at times to complete with their PACES.  Care of these books is the responsibility of the student.  If a book is lost, the full retail cost of the book plus shipping will be charged.