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Click on the link above for a detailed calendar of our current year.  Updates to the current school year calendar will be made on the Calendar page.  Below is the link to the school year calendar provided at the beginning of the year.



The school reserves the right to hold fund raisers (in co-operation with the supporting parent organization) for various projects throughout the school during the school year; however, it is our intention that these are kept to a minimum. It is imperative that all families participate in this school-wide effort to keep our tuition costs down.

Information on the upcoming fundraisers will be here, once available.


Field Trip Forms

Students may go on various field trips at different times during the year. They may be required to complete assigned work in order to go. Although such off-campus trips are of real enjoyment to the students, they are designed primarily to enrich learning. Supervisors may ask students to take notes and/or complete tests upon returning to school. A natural outgrowth of such trips, which are conducted under the supervision of adults on every occasion, is that students are taught self-control and appropriate behavior in various social atmospheres. A permission slip will be sent home, signed, and returned to the school for each off-campus trip. Parents will be informed of any fees for such trips in a timely fashion.


Upcoming Information

Stay up to date with upcoming events and information on the link above.