Our Mission is to offer parents a safe Christian environment for the education of their children. Our goal is not only to teach them academic requirements but to emulate the highest of standards in morals, values and conduct for our students to follow. The
ultimate results are to produce young adults that are prepared to face their lives’
with both an excellent education and strong Christian Character.


FCCA uses the Lighthouse Christian Academy to provide our High School students accredited diplomas through a dual enrollment program.


The staff at the Faith Community Worship Center realizes the great challenge parents are faced with in the spiritual, academic, and social training of their children. We consider it a privilege and honor to be able to work with you in meeting the needs of your children in these areas. It is our goal to provide each student with the knowledge and charac
ter training necessary to become a success in life.


FCCA offers the finest in academic curriculum. Our program is based on a thorough mastery of the fundamental elements of study. We believe that a child’s education must be measured largely by his ability to reason intelligently, read comprehensively, compute accurately, write legibly, and spell correctly.
Our academic package may be considered as “Back to the Basics,” in that we stress the major subjects of Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and Spelling. Additionally, a Bible course is part of our core curriculum. Many electives are available, but are only prescribed in proportion to what each individual child is able to master above these major subjects. Our school uses an individualized curriculum and procedures. Each student is taught in a completely individualized manner.
FCCA uses ABEKA and ACE for grades K and self-paced curriculum for grades 1-12 which requires mastery of each subject at each level and incorporates character and Biblical training in the student’s everyday lessons.


Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy provided for IEP requests or parent/teacher request.

Special Opportunities

  • Science Fair
  • Fall Collage decoration
  • President Report Project
  • Field Trips
  • Christmas Program
  • National Day of Prayer
  • Prayer Walks
  • Regional Convention